Samba Percussion Workshops

Workshop programs can be designed for:

  • Existing Brazilian percussion ensembles seeking to improve instrumental techniques and expand repertoire.  
  • Programs seeking to start a Brazilian percussion program
  • Music Education programs interested in alternative and inclusive teaching practices. 

Workshops will cover the following information:

  • Beginning and advanced instrumental techniques for the tamborim, caixa, repique, surdo, chocalho, and agogô.  
  • Playing as a complete ensemble: Structural elements, alternative beginnings and endings, rhythmic variations, rhythmic characteristics of select Rio de Janeiro samba schools, call and response routines, and "breaks."
  • Full samba-enredo arrangements
  • Conducting techniques

Three stage support method to strengthen your Brazilian percussion program.

  • Prior to workshop: You will receive a copy of Monteiro’s book “The Samba School” as well as specific notated rhythms, exercises, and audio recordings for your ensemble.  These materials will establish a basic level of understanding of samba percussion before the scheduled workshop and will be designed to fit the skill level of your group.
  • The Workshop: Session will be specifically designed to meet the needs of your group.  
  • After the workshop: Continued contact with the clinician to best design and maintain your samba program including assistance in the acquisition of appropriate materials, arrangements for ensemble performances, and answers to any musical or equipment questions.  

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